Career Objective for MS in Computer Science.

Hey! Are you confused about how to write a career objective while applying for higher studies through distance learning program?

Please find a sample career objective below, hope it helps.

Today, speed of research and development in software technology is tremendous and has brought about immense opportunities to develop newer tools, software, products and methodologies in the field of Information Technology. Due to these emerging opportunities, competition has reached its peak and it is not easy to stabilize ourselves in this neck-cut competition.

For this challenging environment, I want to enhance my working capacities, technical & professional skills, business efficiencies and learn each and everything that contribute best for the growth of an organization. I want to pursue a highly rewarding career and work in pragmatic way to obtain a position of higher responsibilities.

I have originated from a family where the highest priority was always given to good education. Blessed with schooling from one of the premier institutions of India, [XYZ], I was strongly motivated to pass my X class exams with over [x%] marks. After successful completion of my school studies, I got admitted to [ABC college name]. I took Computer Science Engineering as my major in the undergraduate program. During the course of the study I was exposed to various subjects like ‘C’, Computer Architecture, Software Product Development, Java, Data Structures, etc. and gained a lot of expertise in them.

At present, I am working with [XYZ (Company name)] as [your role] since [time period]. Prior to this I worked with [past company] for [time period].

I have learnt a lot while working in these organisations by using various [please mention applications used and skills that you have worked on]

Now, to give my best in my professional pursuit and secure a challenging and regarding position where I can utilize my technical, analytical and team building skills I intend to specialise myself in the field of Software Systems.

[Program or field name, College] is well planned and will undoubtedly provide me with the right knowledge, skills and experience to pursue my dream and fully exploit the opportunities. Apart from online lectures & highly qualified faculty offered by [College Name], the courses like [please mention courses included in Program] really interested me because they are linked to my field and so the coursework will help me attain in-depth knowledge and theoretical understanding of certain concepts.

Best part is, being a distance learning program I can easily continue with my work over the working days of the week and also concentrate on the course over the weekend. I can earn as well as learn, which means I can easily fund my studies and also be a part of one of the most reputed Colleges in India.

To sum up, I can say that I have always put my endeavours and all out efforts to excel in every walk of my life & I know that a good career in IT industry can only be built above the firm foundation of a good education. For progress, knowledge and proper guidance are essential & your institute has a peerless reputation in providing these & so I am confident [Program Name] from this institution will help me develop my skills and give a direction to my career & fulfill my core ideas.

I hope that my background and qualifications are found suitable for this program & I eagerly look forward to be a part of [College Name].


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