Few ways to Control Anger and Feel Confident

Hey there! Welcome back. Hope you are doing well. Today I want to discuss about one of the most dangerous and a common word called “Anger”. Anger is something that causes a lot of problems and issues in one’s life. It not only causes harm to you but to your loved one’s as well. Many people get angry at very small things or at every situation. They tend to see everything in a negative way and always react to situations with a tensed and depressed mind and that’s why feel angry most of the times. So, today we will discuss on how we can control our anger and feel more confident and relaxed in life.

Before we start, think about the times when you have been angry and the reasons for it or think about why you get angry. Note these down in a piece of paper and I want you to go through later in this blog.

Life is a beautiful journey and is full of emotions and that’s the best part of it. You will come across many situations in life where in sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry and sometimes may be its neutral. As you experience each of these you will find anger is something that comes easily but is hard to control. Sometimes you get angry for no reason and most of the time you will see that this anger leads to huge fights, personal issues, new problems and breaking bonds. So, it is important that we learn how to control it and keep ourselves calm and cool. This is a step by step process and can be easily done by just keeping below points in consideration:

  • Start your day by reading a good & positive thought and at the end of the day write it down in a journal. Such thoughts always cheer you up and keep your mood up. Writing them down helps you in memorizing them and you always see through life in an optimistic way. (Note that this simple step plays a very important role in controlling anger. Just follow it every day and you will yourself be surprised to see what major changes such simple & easy tasks bring in your life.)
  • Try to meditate every day for few minutes. In the beginning you can use certain apps available online to help you through it and then later you will develop the habit and it will become your daily routine. You need to know that you can meditate at any time of the day and can only do it for 4-5 minutes or at the beginning even less. Mediation helps in reducing stress and you feel cheerful and relaxed after doing the exercise. Since you mind is at ease your body itself finds the peace.
  • During difficult times and hardships, you need to know that an angry mind can never resolve the problem, it will either increase it more or create new problems. You need to keep your self calm and cool at such situations and with above two practices that can be achieved easily. One more technique you can follow is to take deep breathes for few seconds during the time you feel anxious, angry or are worried. This helps in releasing out the negative energy from the body. When you breathe deeply then your body tells your mind to calm down and relive the stress.

Now take that piece of paper and read your points where in you have mentioned the time when you have been angry or the reasons that make you feel. Are these reasons worth being angry? Don’t you just overreact to such situations and make it worse? The best thing is that you have realized that your anger is just not doing anything right for you and that’s why you have come here. So, at least you have completed the first and major step of accepting your anger as a problem to many of your issues. Now all you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned above and you will see the change in yourself in few days.

Do remember “A beautiful mind is like a beautiful path! The more you travel with it, the more you find peace and happiness!”


  1. Cool that what you said, breathe in and out, we call it as BOX BREATHING, and this thing in my own experience has served me well in the moments of anger, nervousness and many more similar scenarios.
    Try out BOX BREATHING 😉

  2. Thanku so much for writing an article on Anger.
    Almost every person is dealing with this issue and needs proper guidance to handle it.

    This is very helpful and should be practiced regularly ☺️

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