What to do when you get negative thoughts?

Thoughts in mind are a very basic part of our life. In a day you can have n number of thoughts and they can be positive or negative. Most of the time when people start getting negative thoughts they feel worried and try to control them. This is where we get wrong.

The more you try to control them the more you make your mind to think about it. Consider a case where you see an apple in mind. Now you don’t want to think about the apple, so you tell your mind not to think about it but since you are controlling your mind what not to think about you are still sending the same picturization to it and the apple appears again.

Same happens when we try to control negative thoughts, the more you tell your mind not to think about them the more they appear. Now the question is what needs to be done when you get these negative thoughts. The answer is “SMILE”

Yes, do not control these negative thoughts rather just smile at them whenever they come and do not pay any attention to them or start controlling them. You know these our just thoughts and that too negative so whenever you start getting them just smile and let them come. They won’t do any harm. Most people get negative thoughts every other minute in their lifespan and as soon as you will start realizing these negative thoughts are a part of our life and there is nothing wrong with these your mind will itself feel stress free and relaxed.

No need to start worrying and build up the anxiety when they come rather let them come, smile at them and they will go in while.

Soon after a while you will even not realize when they come and go as your mind will not pay any attention to them and even if it pays you need to smile again and not to worry. You will feel confident & happy.

Life is small and full of adventures so don’t waste it worrying about negative thoughts just keep SMILING.


  1. There is no way to control any thoughts. The only thing is to understand the difference.

    The thoughts that we do not like are negative for us but in reality what is negative thought it is the emotions that we carry. When we feel fearful we think it is due to our negative thoughts.

    But at the end these all are our emotions and we should love them and we should love ourselves positive or negative every thought should be accepted and we should learn to accept ourself.

    Breathe because it is a secret of life and love yourself 😊😊

  2. Smile definitely makes life easier.

    Moreover there is no point in worrying and stress yourself.

    But I really appreciate that you shared it as it will really help people find right path.

    Keep it up☺️☺️

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